Familia Vasquez
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“I was born in Michoacan and was raised in Léon, Mexico. When I left my house I was a runaway kid and left to find my auntie in Los Angeles. At one time both of my parents were into farming but they started all kinds of businesses and never went back to farming. My first job was as a dishwasher. I also worked as a gardener, at chicken farms, and I did all kinds of work before graduating from the University of Chicago. Then I returned to Mexico to work for a television station and years later I ended up in Salinas California as a jewelry salesman. I later did more odd jobs and then eventually came to the valley to work for a company doing agricultural labor troubleshooting. I now manage my own business in the desert and provide support to Illiana in operating her business.”
—Jorge Vasquez

“The person that was the most instrumental in my life, who really helped make a difference, is my husband, Jorge. He came into my life when I was a high school drop out and he knew about my work history and my background in accounting. It was Jorge who saw the potential and said to me, "You have to go back to school. You have to do this. You have so much to offer. You need to go back to school." Today I handle all accounting aspects for our two businesses.”
—Illiana Vasquez

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