Familia Vasquez
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“I've taught my children to be humble. They remember when we rented a small apartment in Indio, that was just 10 years ago. So they have memories of when we lived less privileged and they know that no matter how well off we become or how much education we acquire in our life, we do not lose our humbleness. This is something I make sure they understand.”
—Illiana Vasquez

“It wasn't like we were rich in Mexico because we were not by any standards. But we never lacked the basics. Sure we had a black and white television when most people didn't even have a television set and we were probably the first ones on our block to have a color TV when everyone else had black and white. But it didn't make us rich or nothing like that. My father was just a hard working person and we had a fully furnished home and all the appliances, and as far as I can remember from when I was a child, we had a family car and on a couple of occasions even had a brand new car. So my father was making decent money. He was a good business man and he was also involved in politics. He was always doing something.”
—Jorge Vasquez

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