Empleados, Colaboradores y Voluntarios del Proyecto

Jacalyn Lopez Garcia Project Director, Photographer, Videographer, Exhibition Designer, and Documentarian
Georg Burwick   Exhibition Curator
Shane Shukis   Project Collaborator/Assistant Grant Writer
Dr. Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez   Humanities Expert, Principal Investigator and Advisor
Richard Chabran   Humanities Expert, Content Advisor & Community Liaison
Dr. Travis Du Bry   Humanities Expert, Documentary Advisor and Community Liaison
Josseth G. Mota   Humanities Expert, Content Advisor and Community Liaison
Jorge Fiffe   Project Researcher, Assistant Videographer, Web Designer
Eszter Delgado Betz   Project Researcher/Public Relations Coordinator
Rex Garcia   Project Researcher, Video/Sound and Audio Engineer/Media Assistant
Sergio Piña   Project Collaborator, Assistant Documentarian/Translator
Jorge Vazquez   Project Collaborator, Print Production and Distribution
Marianna Gonzales   Project Researcher/Translator
Alfonso Taboada   Technology Integrator/Community Liaison
Hue Tang   Project Researcher/Media Assistant
Gabriella Ocon   Project Researcher/Media Assistant
Venus Flores   Project Researcher/Media Assistant
Roberto Labrada   Project Researcher/Media Assistant
Cristena De La Pena   Project Volunteer/Assistant Documentarian
Refugio Garcia   Project Volunteer/Assistant Documentarian
Helena Romero   Project Volunteer/Assistant Documentarian
Al Acevedo   Project Volunteer/Assistant Documentarian
DJ Rex   "Cultural Crossings" Project Collaborator, Producer of original music for entire video collection
Carlos Garcia   "Cultural Crossings" Project Collaborator and short story author of "Backyard Blessings"
Darren J. de Léon   "Cultural Crossings" Project Collaborator and author of poem "Sueños del Norte"
Laura Araujo-Salinas   "Cultural Crossings" Project Collaborator and author of poem "Finding Tomorrow"
Sharon Shannahan   UCR/CRC Business & Budget Management
Jennifer Smith   UCR/CRC Business & Budget Management