• To develop applied research, training, and practicing projects and programs that contribute to the intellectual growth and social well-being of the Mexican/Latino populations;

  • To initiate and improve the formation and implementation of local, state national, and transnational practices and policies that contribute to the educational, economic, ecological, health, labor, and technological advancement of Mexican/Latino communities of the United States and transnationally when possible;

  • To provide maximum opportunities for faculty and students to become engaged in the research, training, teaching and application of policy and practices on topics central to EGARC.


Booksigning for
Armando Narvarro
Wed. Oct 12 - 6:30-8:30pm
Zacatecas Restaurant
(University Avenue, Riverside)

This exciting new volume from Armando Navarro offers the most current and comprehensive political history of the Mexicano experience in the United States. He examines in-depth topics such as U.S. political culture, electoral politics, demography, andorganizational development. Viewing Mexicanos today as an occupied and colonized people, he calls for the formation of a new movement to reinvigorate the struggle for resistance and change among Mexicanos. Navarro envisions a new political and cultural landscape as the dominant Latino population "Re-Mexicanizes" the U.S. into a more multicultural and multiethnic society. This book will be a valuable resource for political and social activists and teaching tool for political theory, Latino politics, ethnic and minority politics, race relations in the U.S., and social movements.  

Program also includes Music and Refreshments.  For more information call:  951-743-7173

This event is co-sponsored by UCR Chicano Student Programs, Department of Ethnic Studies, Constructing Healthy and Prosperous Communities