• To carry out applied research projects and programs within cultural and community frameworks that improve the educational success of Mexican/Latino students at all levels of the educational process, K-16.

  • To formulate research and applied programs that utilize an evolutionary economic approach concentrating its focus on monitoring changes in political economy, technological developments, public policy and migration as they effect ability of Mexican/Latino communities to respond in adaptive ways.

  • To develop applied research and training projects and the programs that assist in the promotion and development of adaptive health policies, conditions and practices among Mexican/Latina populations.

  • To design and execute technological and community projects and programs that mitigate the “digital divide” suffered by large sectors of the Mexican/Latino population.

  • To develop cross-campus research, application, and instructional curricula and programs that focus on the central mission of EGARC.

  • To provide advanced training to undergraduate and graduate students in applied social science theory and method by integrating students within the myriad projects that are ongoing or will be developed by the Center.

  • To create opportunities for the organization of applied social science projects, conferences, seminars, workshops, and training and technical programs that benefits the university and broader community of scholars, professionals, practitioners and community members