As part of its efforts to widen the dialogue regarding the impact of digital technologies on low-income communities, CVR has sponsored several convenings. It conducted a focus group discussion for the Community Technology Foundation of California, that was used in developing its recent statewide request for proposals that supported California community technology. A cross-section (15 individuals) of the Riverside community provided their assessment of the digital divide and recommendations on what be done to bridge this divide.

CVR is also participating in Bridging Divides in the Global Teledigital Society: Economic Restructuring, Culture and Identity, Religion, a series of planning sessions, seminars, digital experiments and demonstrations leading to the mounting of a three-year program of broad-based events (local, national and international) inclusive of the new, emergent U.S. majority - Latinos, African Americans, and Asians. Other efforts included: a national televideo conference, which launched this international initiative.

CVR also served as the principal sponsor and organizational unit for the UCR Town Hall Meeting on Bridging the Digital Divide held in May 2000. This successful and timely meeting brought together, UCR faculty, administrators, librarians, staff, students, local and regional policymakers, our local assemblyman, and a prominent member of the governors staff. The conference focused on its goal to educate local policy makers and members of the community in general about the impact of the digital divide, highlight ongoing programs that seek to close the divide, as well as explorations in furthering political action. The town hall meeting also served as a forum to explore the intellectual, educational, economic and societal impact of the digital divide.


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