Applied Research

CVR commissioned and worked with the Center for Social and Behavioral Science Research to produce "Cyber Access in the Inland Empire" which documents a digital divide in this region. This report has been widely circulated and used by local and regional policymakers.

CVR was one of 10 projects funded by a California Wellness Foundation grant ($525,000 over four years) as part of its Computers in Our Future Initiative (CIOF). During this period one of the Center's major accomplishments was the creation of the Community Digital Initiative (CDI), a collaborative project between UC-Riverside, CVR and Riverside's eastside community.

Since 1995, the CDI has played a major role in providing youth and community residents with access to computer technology, training, and a series of employment services. It also serves as a technology resource to community organizations and the broader community.

CDI is one of CVR's exemplar programs in that it links all the key elements of the Center's mission in an applied setting. CDI has shown great promise in the field of employment readiness and computer technology. CDI has fostered greater access to technology and has positioned the University as a community resource in communities where access is limited. Equally important, the creation of a computing has attracted the support of educators, corporate leaders, and policymakers.

The CVR has been a catalyst for demonstrating the benefits of community-based technology and has helped to position itself as a leader in the public affairs and community development arena. This leadership role has been good for both the Center and University of California, Riverside because the "connectedness" to the broader community has yielded support from the corporate, public and philanthropic sectors. This applied research effort has also led to the formation of a research agenda that focuses on the "digital divide."

In November 2003, the CVR and CDI moved to a new location along with the Ernesto Galarza Applied Research Center where they continue to create linkages with the private and public sector, especially as it relates to workforce development initiatives.


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